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Neck/Shoulder Pain & Flu

I have been doing acupuncture for about 4 years now and absolutelylove it. My previous acupuncturist was just so hard to book appts with and very lengthy made it hard to plan for without taking the day off. Sheena is amazing! I love that she is full of knowledge, stays on task, offers suggestion for healing, takes the time to discuss but also understands that time is sometimes of the essence. I had my 5th treatment today and I can't wait to go back for another in a few weeks. Sheena has helped with my chronic neck pain from an MVA over a year ago, health ailments - was able to rid my flu in 2 days! Keep up the great work are fabulous. Love your passion and care for patients.

​                                                  --Karen

Back Pain with Cupping

My cupping treatment yesterday was amazing! My back feels so much better. Thank you Sheena.


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Sheena is very thorough in understanding where your pain or issues are stemming from and treats conditions in comfortable, effective treatments. I have seen Sheena for headaches, digestive issues, and localized pain and her treatments made a huge difference in all areas. June 1, 2015, Theresa was Sheena's client.


Nausea/High Blood Pressure

I went to Sheena on the recommendation from my Oncologist that I try acupuncture for my intense, long-standing nausea.  I had tried acupuncture once before but was able to get an appointment with Sheena quickly at her convenient location, close to my place. Elements Spa is a very nice centre, with soothing, comfortable, private rooms. Sheena was able to help me right away.  The pain stopped as soon as she put in the first few needles.  Sheena understood my particular needs and placed needles to deal with my pain. I was nausea free for the first time in months.  The effects of the first treatment lasted several days, but after a few treatments, I was nausea free.  Sheena's treatments have prevented me from going to the hospital several times over the past six months and I rarely feel nauseous, something I dealt with almost daily.  

I now see her occasionally for tune-ups.  I highly recommend Sheena's 
services.  As a bonus, Sheena's treatments lowered my blood pressure by 20 points, a lasting result.


                                                 --Tracy Bassam​

ICBC - Back/Shoulder Pain

I was new in Nanaimo and still recovering from a car accident and I did not know exactly where to go for acupuncture services. I ended up being up all night on a Friday night with shoulder and back pain and I called Sheena on Saturday morning to see if she could squeeze me in, which she did! I found Sheena to be very warm and welcoming and knowledgeable. By the end of the treatment I was in a lot less pain, and was actually able to sleep that night. I woke up the next day and within that 24 hour period my pain had gone from a ten to a one. I am so excited to go for more treatments and much more optimistic about the outlook of my injury now (which is almost two years old) Thank you Sheena!

​                                               --Theresa L

Headache/Neck Pain

After suffering from work related tension headaches and neck pain for many years I decided it was time to try an alternative solution to my deskwork related chronic discomfort.

I met Sheena in 2013 at a health related function and after a brief discussion I was sold on the idea of giving acupuncture an attempt to alleviate my aches. We initially did a series of treatments to get my neck feeling better and reduce the frequency of my headaches, which started with seeing Sheena a couple times a week for the first month, and then reduced to once a week. After a couple of more months I was able to reduce the treatments to bi-weekly and now just go once a month for preventative maintenance, this has changed my life! Every once in a while I have popped in for an extra treatment which focus' on other ailments such as allergies, Sheena has been very accommodating with her flexible schedule and is able to work around my busy life. I strongly recommend Sheena and her expertise in acupuncture to help you on your path to better health, thank you Harbour City Healers!


Neck Pain

My neck is feeling so much better. Thank you for the short notice treatment. Very much appreciated!!!


Neck/Shoulder Pain

I came to Sheena Villeneuve two years ago hoping acupuncture could help with neck and shoulder pain from working in an office setting and having existing neck issues.  Each treatment proved to be very effective. I appreciate that Sheena does not promote excessive subsequent treatments (goal is to have each treatment be as effective as possible; reducing costs for clients). Her professionalism and up-to-date knowledge of procedures available has kept me coming back whenever I need a relaxing touch-up. I’ve referred Sheena to friends and family and they also enjoyed their treatments. 



Sheena has greatly improved my health in more ways than I ever realized possible. On my doctor’s advice, my first visit to Sheena was to help keep my back and sacroiliac joint in good order.

I immediately realized I was in the presence of someone very competent, and intelligent.

My initial health issues were treated successfully, but Sheena has cured another health issue that I am so grateful for. Sheena’s acupuncture cured my hemorrhoids. For almost 20 years nothing cured my hemorrhoids. Sheena has gotten rid of them completely.

What a blessing having Sheena Villeneuve’s treatments. I will see Sheena forever. Her acupuncture works.

Thanks Sheena.

                                     --Steve Quinn
                                          Age 42


"My name is Rory Murphy, age 32 and I was in a car accident on Oct 03 2013. My car was hit on the passenger side. I had whiplash, my neck had limited range of motion. I had pain in my neck and between my scapula and spine mainly on the right side. I also started getting daily headaches from the tension in my neck, which radiated from the right side of my neck curving around the back of my head and ear to my temple. This affected my ability to work for long periods of times.

I started seeing a physiotherapist, who also suggested I get Acupuncture treatments. Initially, I received two treatments a week for the first two weeks. Then reduced treatments to once a week with a total of twelve treatments. After each treatment, I would leave feeling relieved and more relaxed than when I walked in!

After four treatments, I noticed the tension in my neck had reduced and my headaches didn’t last as long or as often. This allowed me to work for longer periods of time. After eight treatments, my pain was gone and my headaches were minor and only during work or at night after a hard days work. After ten treatments, I only had two minor headaches during the next week. For my last treatment, we waited two weeks and I had nothing to complain about, I had no pain and no headaches!

It has been a month and a half since my last treatment. I now only get an odd headache when I over exert myself at work.

I enjoyed going to Acupuncture, and I feel it was a big part of my healing! 

Thank you Sheena Villeneuve for all you have done for me!"


Knee Pain

"I have suffered from chronic pain in my knee due to osteoarthritis for some time. About a year ago I started to see Sheena for acupuncture on this knee and I am convinced that these treatments have eased the pain considerably, particularly after exercise when it used to be at its worse.

Many thanks to Sheena."

--Bob Patrick

Energy/Digestion/Brain Fog

"For about three years I suffered from chronic fatigue, mood swings, food sensitivities, and digestive problems. I saw three different doctors who told me my health was good. On the advice of a naturopath, I reduced or eliminated sensitive foods from my diet, including caffeine, wheat, corn, sugar, and alcohol. The dietary changes improved my condition greatly, but I still had low energy throughout the day, abdominal discomfort and frequent brain fog.

Then I saw my family doctor again, to see if anything had changed, and again, she reported that my health was good. With nothing left to do for me, she suggested that I try acupuncture. She explained that she had been studying its range of health benefits and that she had suffered from some chronic pain that was relieved after just a few treatments. She suggested that acupuncture could help my body establish a deeper state of rest, and basically reset my energies.

I found the first acupuncture treatment very difficult. I knew nothing about how it worked, and I had been so frustrated with being tired all of the time, that I got really stressed out about it and found it nearly impossible to relax. Sheena introduced me to acupuncture very slowly. She let me ask plenty of questions during treatments, and I learned to stop resisting the sensations. Sheena’s methods seemed to address, not only my overall condition, but also whatever discomfort I was feeling that day. My tolerance levels improved, and Sheena was able to add more points at each session. I saw her once a week for about six weeks.

It was after the fifth treatment that I noticed a distinct shift in my day to day experience. Every day I woke up clear headed, and could maintain a good energy level throughout the day. If I got tired by doing too much, I would just rest for a short period (15-20 mins) and my energy level would return. I felt like I had my life back.

It’s been a few months since then, and I now see Sheena for follow up treatments every 4-6 weeks. Each treatment feels shorter, and shorter, and I come out feeling relaxed and refreshed. I no longer worry about my health, and I have been able to reintroduce many sensitive foods back into my diet. Every month I look back and see that I am improving still. I am grateful to my doctor for sharing her experience with me. And I am grateful to Sheena for her patience, positivity, and for her attention to my needs, both physically and emotionally."

Office Administrator, age 36
--Tracy Bowlby

Quit Smoking

"I was always curious about acupuncture and seriously wanted to quit smoking, had 2 sessions, (not painful at all as I'm a big chicken too) used no other methods and I DID QUIT SMOKING FOR GOOD OVER A YEAR AGO, not looking back either. Thank you very much Harbour City Healers for your excellent service. Your business is really helping people."


Trigger Finger Relief

"My name is Steve and I’m 62. Last year I was suffering from a condition known as trigger finger after using a compactor while building my house the year before. It started with one finger, but was getting worse with four fingers finally affected. As it was impacting my manual dexterity I went to see the doctor, but all he could suggest was applying hot and cold to my hands, which didn’t help. Next was going to be cortisone, and if that didn’t work, surgery. Those last two “solutions” seemed like they could have a significant downside, so my wife suggested I try acupuncture first. After my first visit to Sheena the “triggering” was greatly reduced, and after the second treatment it went away almost completely. I now have a follow-up session about every three months and the trigger finger hasn’t come back. That is certainly better than surgery!"