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Acupuncture for Inducing Labour

Acupuncture can be very effective for women past their due dates or those with a planned medical induction. Acupuncture has been shown to be a safe, non-invasive and drug free method in preparing the body for labour as well as inducing labour.

It is best to get an acupuncture treatment daily for three consecutive days prior to a planned medical induction, or at least one treatment if an induction is urgently required, to induce labour. ​Post-treatment, Sheena teaches self-administered acupressure to further enhance the results of the treatment.

Research shows that acupuncture treatments followed by acupressure is the most practical and effective method of inducing labour. Even if labour does not commence spontaneously after receiving induction acupuncture, (most women experience contractions during or within 48 hours after treatment) research shows you will still have a more efficient labour compared to women who do not receive acupuncture treatments. Being able to induce women with acupuncture reduces intervention rates such as the use of syntocinon, epidurals or caesarean sections. 

When asked to Induce Labour before Due Date

If there is no medical reason to promote an induction, I offer pre-birth acupuncture, a treatment aimed at preparing a woman's body to labour as efficiently as possible and relieve problems occurring in the pregnancy, rather than offering an induction treatment. 

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